• Front interface, graphical Engineering Tool and Simulation, parameter setting via BlueControl®
  • Extended and improved operator functions
  • Tailor-made operating concepts in user language
  • All automation functions in one unit: Controlling, computing, sequencing, visualizing, operating, alarming, …
  • Built-in analog and digital I/O
  • I/O extension via CANopen or integrated plug-in modules
Product Category: Multi-loop Controller
Dimensions and size: 96m x 96mm x 118mm (HxWxD), 1/4 DIN
Connectors: Screw terminals
Primary Input Type: Universal (TC, RTD, DC linear mA/mV)
Other Inputs: External setpoint, Ratio input, Potentiometer input, Three component input, Mathmatical functions
Output Type: Measured valve output
Max. Number of Outputs: 11
Scan Time: 200 ms
Number of Programmer Segments: > 1000
Control Type: Fully programable. Includes 2-point (on/off), continuous PID control, or 3-point stepping, cascade, ratio etc
Power Supply: 24 V AC/DC, 90-250 VAC
Communications: TTL, Modbus RS422/485, PROFIBUS DP
Panel Sealing: IP65
Certifications: CE, cULus, DIN EN 14597
Software Tools: Blue Control Basic

Engineering Tool ET/KS 98 Plus

Downloader DL/KS 98-1

Simulation SIM/KS 98