• Heating or cooling applications
  • Thermocouple, PT100 or NTC inputs
  • Single or two outputs for control and alarms
  • 35 x77mm format (29 x 71mm cutout)
Product Category: Thermostats
Control type: On-Off / P, PI, PD, PID (selectable)
Control: Single set-point, and alarm control
Supply voltage: 230V AC +%10 -%20, 50/60Hz or 24V AC %10, 50/60Hz
Sensor range: PT100 -99.9 to 300.0°C (-99.9 to 543.0°F)
PT100 -200 to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)
J T/C 0 to 600°C (32 to 1112°F)
K T/C 0 to 1300°C (32 to 2372°F)
T T/C 0 to 400°C (32 to 752°F)
S & R T/C 0 to 1700°C (32 to 3092°F)
Display: 4 digits, 12.5mm, 7 segment LED
Input: PT100, J, K, T, S, R Thermocouples
C/A2 output Relay : 250V AC, 8A (for resistive load), Selectable as NO+NC Control or Alarm output.
Relay : 250V AC, 16A (for resistive load), Selectable as NO Control or Alarm output.
SSR output: Max 20mA 12Volt (as control output)
Dimensions: W77xH35xD71mm
Safety requirements: EN 61010-1: 2010 (Pollution degree2 , overvoltage category II)
EMC: EN 61326-1: 2006
Protection class: According to EN 60529; Front panel: IP65 Rear panel: IP20
Ambient/storage temperature: 0 … +50°C/-25… +70°C (with no icing)