• 3-Point Stepping valve control
  • Valve position indication
  • Jumperless configuration
  • Auto or Manual Tuning
  • Process and loop alarms
  • Remote/dual setpoint options
  • Dual 4-digit LED displays
  • Universal Input for Thermocouple, RTD, DC, linear mA/V/mV, user selectable
  • Up to 4 outputs; relay, DC linear, SSR driver, Triac, Transmitter Power Supply
  • Modbus communications
  • Program security
Product Category: Single Loop controller
Dimensions and size: 96mm x 96mm x 100mm (HxWxD), 1/4 DIN
Primary Input Type: Universal (TC, RTD, DC linear V, DC linear mA/mV)
Other Inputs: 1 digital or 1 Remote setpoint
Output Type: Relay, DC linear, SSd; Triac, 24V transmitter power supply
Max. Number of Outputs: 5
Control Type: PID with TPSC (VMD), Manual, Alarm, Ramp to setpoint
Power Supply: 100–240V AC 50–60Hz

20-48V AC 50/60Hz

22-65 V DC

Communications: RS-485 serial (Modbus®)
Panel Sealing: IEC IP66, NEMA4X
Certifications: CE, UL, ULC, CSA
Software Tools: Plus Series Configurator