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Partlow Temperature Recorders
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THH 1030
Thyristor Power Regulator
GAP 0001
Automation Platforms - GCube Advanced
DQ 1001
Oven Tracker System XL2
DQ 1003
Furnace Tracker
DQ 1004
Kiln Tracker
DQ 1007
Food Tracker
DQ 1002
Reflow Tracker SYstem
DQ 1005
EasyTrack 2
DQ 1008
SolarPaq System
HDR 001
Vertical pumps
HTR 0001
Cartridge Heaters
BAK 001
Hot Air Welding Gun
FS 001
Vertically Mounted Switches
PTE 0001
Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Heaters
UW 1022
Ultrasonic Horns
UW 1001
iQ Series ES Servo Ultrasonic Press System
WC 3002
6400/4400 Temperature & Process Controller with Programmer
PS 0002
In-line Heater
HTR 0002
Split-Sheath Cartridge Heaters
TCP 002
Fine Insulated Thermocouples
UW 1002
iQ Series ES Pneumatic Ultrasonic Press System
PL 003
MRC 7000 Recorder / Controller / Profiler
HTR 0003
Infrared Radiant Heaters
WC 2005
A single/dual loop temperature controller w/ easy-to-use HMI and quick access via front USB
HTR 0004
Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters
PS 0004
Custom Made Hot Plate
WC 1011
A compact, fully featured controller for demanding applications
WC 3005
ProVU Advanced Temperature & Process Controller with Datalogging Option
PL 010
DataVu 5
Entry-Level Paperless Chart Recorder
PL 012
DataVu 7
Advanced Paperless Chart Recorder
WC 1006
6100+/8100+/4100+ Temperature & Process Controller
HRS 009
Hotspring Coil Heater/ Mini/ F/ 1.3 x 2.3 with Clamping Band
HTR 0008
Coiled Heaters
HRS 010
Coil Heater casted in Brass
HTR 0045
GW Infrared Radiant Heaters
TCP 012
Industrial Process Thermocouples
TCP 014
Thermocouple Connectors
TCP 030
Thermocouple Signal Trasmitter
TCP 034
Thermocouple Isolated Signal Transmitter
HTR 0021
Circulation Heater